"Always have your vision
and trust the process, you
attract what you manifest
and thinking this with a grateful heart is a magnet
for miracles.."

About me


I’m Emma English, professional baker, passionate vegan and founder of Soulvegan Bakery! I have been baking vegan products for over three years now, now supplying the UK with delicious mail order brownies and bronuts. My passion and creative flair have inspired me to expand my product range even further over the past year, to meet my customers’ needs.


I am very proud to be obsessed with plant-based baking, fascinated by flavour, and motivated by everything moreish. I am a self-confessed chocoholic…everything tastes better dipped in chocolate, right??


My artisan vegan bakes are designed to delight, and I just love spreading the joy of cruelty-free baking. I have followed a plant-based diet for nearly eleven years now, and baking is my true passion, creating new and exciting flavour concepts for everyone to enjoy.


"Love without conditions
give without expectations
and look after yourself 
without apologies"




About Soulvegan Bakery

We are dedicated to producing high quality products using only the finest ingredients, making our vegan bakes taste every bit as delicious as they look. All our bakes are handmade to order, exclusively for you. 

Everything we do comes from the heart. We are really passionate about promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle, offering delicious alternative bakes packed with flavour and flair. We’re on a mission to show that vegan food is tasty delicious, nutritious and far from ‘boring’!  

Our story


“The Soulvegan dream started back in 2016, when I took my home-made vegan ice cream to Glastonbury and sold out within a couple of days! After that I started experimenting making vegan chocolate brownies, and that’s when my journey really began in earnest. 


Whilst working as a nurse I was also studying Nutrition and Health at university. For our second-year module we studied entrepreneurship – and as an exercise we had to make up a fictional business. The idea was already there in the background – but this allowed me to really expand on it. There wasn’t a vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free product on the market at the time – and I knew there was a need for it. But I was also scared, because I wasn’t sure that there was a demand for it. At that point I took the plunge and decided not to sign up for the third year of my degree – leaving to pursue the business idea instead! 


I started with brownies. I set up one website which grew so much within three months that I had to quickly expand. More orders came in…then even more. I was struggling to juggle everything and find balance, so Soulvegan became my full-time job. 


Since then Soulvegan has grown from brownies and home bakes into a professional bakery. We also specialise in stunning luxury occasion cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special events. In 2022 we launched our highly successful, totally unique ‘bronut’ – a beautiful baked doughnut packed with healthy, delicious ingredients. What started as a novelty product quickly expanded into over thirty flavours and designs! 


Our postal service delivers bronuts and brownies nationwide and abroad to places as far as France and Switzerland. I feel so blessed to be able to share my beautiful bakes with more and more people each year. 


Now it gives me so much joy to hear that customers travel from near and far for my delicious vegan bakes. People come up to me to tell me they love my cakes or message me to share their positive feedback, and it means the world to me. 


In 2022 I have plans to expand and share my beautiful bronuts, brownies and cakes with even more lovely people. This includes moving to larger premises and taking on local apprentice to share the Soulvegan love! I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us. And watch this space…” 


Love Emma xxx


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Over The Edge, Alderley