Introducing our CBD and CBG Collection!

Updated: May 11, 2020

In these times of intense emotional and physical stress we could all do with some ways to wind down and chill out. This is something we’ve been wanting to work on for a while now – and last month we finally had the opportunity to go for it!

We’ve teamed up with fabulous local brand CBD Ultra to bring you two new collections – our Pot Brownies and Pot Bronuts. Enriched with high-grade, potent organic CBD and CBG, packed with chocolatey goodness – they’re vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free as always. The ultimate guilt-free treat with benefits!

Feel good with our delicious Pot Brownies and Bronuts

We are super excited about sharing this new collection with you – the ULTIMATE late-night snack! Super tasty, deliciously chocolatey - each one contains your daily dosage of 10mg CBD and 10mg CBG. There’s no tastier way to enjoy the calming, nourishing benefits of these natural oils.

There are three ways to enjoy our delicious new hemp-inspired collection. Choose between Pot Brownies – our signature gooey brownie recipe, Pot Bronuts – light, tasty sponge topped with aa chocolate layer, and Espresso Brownies, made with CBD Ultra’s CBD-infused coffee and topped with creamy white chocolate and crunchy coffee beans.

Each brownie and bronut is decorated with a hand-made white chocolate hemp leaf for a pretty pot-inspired aesthetic.

What is CBD?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Benefits of CBD include pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect, and soothing relief from anxiety and stress. It is widely used to alleviate insomnia, treat symptoms of MS, Parkinsons and cancer, and skin conditions. To enjoy the full benefits it’s important to ensure proper dosage and high quality products. We only use organic, full-spectrum CBD extract in our bakes which are rich in natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

How is CBG different compared with CBD?

Most people have heard of CBD…but what the fudge is CBG? CBG, or Cannabigerol, is the latest chemical compound in the spotlight. It is actually found within CBD in very small quantities and is still currently being studied for its pharmacological properties.

CBG has the potential to support the body in different ways and to treat different conditions and ailments. Early studies suggest that it may be used to treat bacterial infections, help with relaxation, and improve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. Researchers believe its properties whilst similar to CBD may be more potent.

Both CBD and CBG are 100% legal and will not get you high.

Why CBD Ultra?

Once we decided on the concept of our Pot Brownies and Bronuts we spent some time researching brands to partner up with. We wanted a responsible, sustainable company offering high-potency products that really work. The CBD market is huge – but that also means it’s pretty saturated with stuff that’s not quite up to standard.

CBD Ultra are based right next door to us in Manchester. Their products are all independently lab tested and sustainably grown and harvested. We wanted to make sure you could feel the medicinal benefits of their wonderful products, so each bronut or brownie is infused with the goodness in every drop of their powerful oils!

Available now – click here to shop the collection!

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