Four reasons to try Veganuary this year (plus four myths debunked)

As a vegan of 8 years and as the owner of a vegan business, reducing animal suffering and promoting a cruelty free lifestyle are two causes that are very close to my heart.

I know that not all of my customers are vegan of course – and you don’t have to be to enjoy my bakes! So I saw this month as an opportunity to share a little more about veganism for those who are curious, and hopefully support more people as they sign up for Veganuary this year.

In this blog I share the four main reasons to try vegan this January (or any time, for that matter!) along with four of the most common myths about veganism debunked. If you have any questions about the blog or would like to know more please comment below!

1/ For the animals

This may not be number one on everybody’s list, but it certainly is on mine. The main reason I became vegan was that I could no longer bear the thought of contributing personally to animal suffering.

It’s something most people choose not to think about – understandably. But when we have the courage to do so, we realise that our choices have consequences. When someone chooses to consume meat or fish, it means that a sentient living being had to die against their will. Despite what we are told, these beautiful souls experience short lives filled with suffering. They know they are going to die, and at the end they are scared and endure terrible emotional and physical pain.

Then there is the hidden suffering. Dairy and eggs are rarely thought of as cruel – but they are simply an extension of the meat industry. Each time someone chooses to buy a carton of milk, they pay for the unimaginable suffering of mother cows, who are continuously, forcibly impregnated only to have their babies taken away from them so that humans can take their milk. When a person buys eggs, they pay for day-old male chicks to be ground up alive, because they are seen as a worthless by-product.

Most people love animals and would hate to harm them, and yet they pay other people to do so. Veganism simply aligns your actions with your beliefs, so that you can live compassionately without causing harm to others.

2/ For your health

For years we have been told that meat makes us strong. Fish is filled with essential nutrients. Milk gives us healthy bones and teeth. Eggs are packed with protein.

Now scientists and doctors are sharing new studies and evidence to suggest that we have largely been lied to over the last century. When you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense, since while our early ancestors may have indulged in meat or fish on rare occasions, not one other animal species drinks the milk of another like we do. Milk is actually not a good source of calcium, compared with plant-based sources. It is growth fluid meant for a baby cow, so it can also wreak havoc with our hormones. Fish is filled with toxic microplastics. Meat clouds the blood and clogs arteries. All animal products have been found to contain harmful parasites and substances that simply aren’t for human consumption.

In addition, in multiple studies vegans have consistently been shown to have the healthiest stats compared with omnivorous and vegetarian participants.

3/ To save the environment

Oxford University recently published a study which determined that eating a vegan diet could be the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your environmental impact on the earth. As well as dramatically reducing greenhouse emissions the collective change would free up land currently lost to animal agriculture – which is one of the primary causes of wildlife extinction. The impact is ‘far bigger than cutting down on your flights, or buying an electric car’ lead author Joseph Poore explained. ‘Avoiding consumption of animal products delivers far better environmental benefits than trying to purchase sustainable meat and dairy.’

The Cowspiracy documentary is probably one of the most comprehensive and easy to digest sources of information regarding the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

4/ To save money

Veganism is seen as ‘expensive’ – but actually cutting out animal products from your diet can save you a lot of money! Fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes are amongst the cheapest items you can buy at the supermarket. When you eat a predominantly plant-based diet you’ll find your weekly food shop costs a lot less. It’s true that vegan meat alternatives and processed products are pretty pricey, but if you incorporate them sparingly it’s likely you will still spend less than you did before.

Debunking a few common myths…

Veganism is restrictive - ‘It’s hard going vegan’

Any lifestyle change can be challenging. But being vegan isn’t difficult provided you have the right resources and support. Reach out and ask for help from vegan friends and family – or if you’re all alone, head to the Veganuary website and other sources for inspiration. Vegans are made out by the media to be self-righteous, judgemental and angry but actually we’re very approachable and understanding and we love to help others on their journey. Remember that most of us weren’t born vegan, so we can relate and understand what it takes to make the switch.

‘It won’t make a difference – so why bother’

Barbara Mikulski said, ‘Each of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.’ John F Kennedy also shared this idea – ‘One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.’ Often when people say ‘Oh why bother, I won’t help I’m just one person’ they lose sight of the bigger picture, or use it as an excuse to continue without change. Statistics show that in the past few years the amount of people turning vegan, vegetarian or reducing their meat intake has saved millions of animals. Even going mostly plant-based will make a difference.

‘Veganism is unhealthy’

There is plenty of unhelpful rubbish out there about vegan diets being unhealthy because they cause ‘malnourishment’. This can only happen if you don’t eat a balanced diet, as is the case with many omnivores. Most of all people reject it because they are attached to the idea that meat, fish and dairy is ‘good for you.’ When you realise that isn’t true, you can fully embrace veganism. I am a perfect example of this – I have never been healthier and always get compliments on my glowing skin! Watch Gamechangers to see how international athletes have turned to veganism to help them break world records and become powerful and strong, the opposite of the traditional vegan stereotype.

‘Veganism is expensive’

As above, when you eat a healthy, balanced vegan diet it’s actually much cheaper than those that include animal products.

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